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4mL Ext FS CryoElite, Nat Cap Patch STRL

4mL Ext FS CryoElite, Nat Cap Patch STRL

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  • Patented cap seal provides exceptional protection of samples during transportation and demanding freeze-thaw cycles in the CryoELITE cryogenic tubes
  • Available with the option of a 2D Data Matrix Bar Code Insert that provides traceability of your samples
  • Bottom format allows unrestricted view of 2D bar code for convenient automated scanning
  • Both tube and cap are manufactured from low binding, cryogenic grade virgin polypropylene and are batch certified RNase/DNase and Endotoxin Free providing assurance of product integrity
  • The conical base design allows for precise sample retrieval with both manual pipettors and automated systems
  • Loctagon™ Vial Skirt locks into CryoELITE Benchmate Rack (985810) to allow for easy opening and closing with one hand and provides stability in freestanding position
  • Sterile
  • Includes writing patch

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4mL Ext FS CryoElite, Nat Cap Patch STRL

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