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Primary Urine Collection Tube, Boric Acid

Primary Urine Collection Tube, Boric Acid

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  • 16 x 100mm round bottom tubes for urine collection and analysis
  • Ideal for use with automated urine analysis machines
  • Removes the need for unnecessary decanting of sample in the laboratory
  • Printed label for patient details
  • Pre-dosed with boric acid
  • Bulk packed in bags of 50
  • Supplied with collection cup
  • Tubes have a capacity of 11ml
  • fitted with leak proof cap for ease of transportation and storage of samples
  • Sterile
Bottle / Vial Style Tube
Capacity (mL or oz) 11mL or 0.37oz
Diameter (mm) 16
Height (mm) 100
Material Polyetyrene
Cap Material Polypropylene
Case Qty 450 (inner bags of 50)
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Primary Urine Collection Tube, Boric Acid

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